Companies committed to sustainability and energy saving

Industries are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of their production processes and energy saving. An increasingly popular solution is the installation of biomass boilers, which reduce CO2 emissions and fuel costs. Moreover, biomass boilers are cost-effective, generate employment, use a renewable and sustainable fuel, and contribute to the fight against climate change.

Success stories in the installation of industrial biomass boilers

In this section, we will present you with the success stories of companies that have made the switch from their old industrial gas boilers to industrial biomass boilers, improving their energy efficiency and reducing their environmental footprint.


The company Piensos Saioa, located in the Ultzama Valley, manufactures products for feeding farm animals.


Aceite Artajo is a family business that produces and markets extra virgin olive oil. Committed to improving quality day after day, it works on its 250 hectares of cultivated olive trees and its oil mill located on the same property, in the town of Fontellas.


Nafosa is the largest fodder industry with European capital, and one of its 5 plants is located in Peralta.

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