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Biomass is a renewable, sustainable, viable and profitable source of energy that comes from different raw material sources such as our forests, the agricultural and livestock sector or urban garden waste.

A sustainable system for cost-effective energy for businesses.

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The renewable, sustainable and profitable resource that is found all around us

Biomass is a clean and efficient alternative to fossil fuels, as its combustion process does not release greenhouse gases and does not contribute to climate change. Moreover, by using organic waste to produce energy, it avoids landfilling, which contributes to reducing pollution and improving air quality.

Biomass is also an economical option as it costs less than fossil fuels. In addition, using organic waste to produce energy maximises the use of the material and reduces disposal costs.

Biomass is a renewable and sustainable resource that is all around us and can be used to produce energy in a clean and efficient way. Its use contributes to reducing pollution and improving air quality, as well as being an economical option.

Main advantages of Biomass


The price of these resources is lower than other materials such as diesel. Although it is true that sometimes opting for this energy means changing the existing infrastructure, there are grants to carry out these processes.

Generates employment

EMPLOYMENT Biomass is a sector that helps to generate employment in rural areas by being able to use their natural resources in a sustainable way to create zero kilometre energy. They also contribute to the population staying in place in the territory by creating this employment link.


Forest biomass comes from sustainably managed forests, its origin being the sun, an inexhaustible source of energy, in which the use is determined by medium and long term management plans in which tree cutting is always below the growth possibilities of the forest.


The CO2 emissions generated by biomass are absorbed by the vegetation used to create it. Furthermore, in the case of vegetable biomass, its origin is sustainably managed forests and its extraction helps to reduce the amount of fuel in them, and therefore reduces the risk of fires and their harmfulness.

News on Biomass in industry

España deja de lado el 60% de la biomasa forestal disponible

España deja de lado el 60% de la biomasa forestal disponible

Según datos del Ministerio para la Transición Ecológica y el Reto Demográfico (MITECO), la biomasa y los residuos supusieron, en 2020, el 19,1% del total (4.541 GWh) de la producción de energía en España, muy por debajo de los objetivos previstos. A pesar de tener un...