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Industrial Biomass Boilers

Industrial biomass boilers are an efficient and reliable alternative today in any sector. They work in a similar way to conventional industrial boilers, but are fuelled with a renewable, sustainable and local fuel.

In industrial biomass boilers, we can find different types.


Grate boilers (mobile, travelling or vibrating grate)

Used in small and medium-sized plants, where they are more effective.


Fluidised bed boilers (bubbling or circulating fluidised bed)

They are more flexible in terms of moisture content and type of fuel to be used, and have high efficiency. They are especially interesting for medium and large plants (>20-40MWt) where they can be more competitive.

Biomass Cost Calculator

In order to know the profitability of an industrial biomass boiler, it is necessary to know the annual operating hours, the required output, the annual thermal demand and the variation of this demand. The space requirements are generally higher than for a conventional boiler.