Biomass Cost Calculator

Check the profitability of Biomass How much does a company save by switching from gas to Biomass?

This calculator is intended as a first approximation of the cost of generating thermal energy with biomass, considering both investment and operating costs, compared to the cost of natural gas supply.


(1) EUROSTAT First Half 2022. Price of natural gas in Spain for non-domestic consumers: Statistics | Eurostat (
(2) 130.11 €/t AVEBIOM ASTILLA price index for domestic use in Spain. T4 2022. AVEBIOM

(3) Calculation based on an LCI on a dry basis of 18.7 MJ/kg (5194 kWh/t) and corrected for the actual moisture value.

(4) INE Labour cost per effective hour in industry in Navarre Q3 2022.

(5) Banco de España. Boletín Estadístico 11/2022. Interest rates on new transactions of > €1M at >5 years in October 22 to non-financial a1905.eps (

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